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Inside Visions as one of the 50 most “investable” start-ups

Inside Visions, tech company from Portugal, was selected to pitch in Dublin, on the 3rd and 4th of November, to more than 30 international investors.

This will happen at the Silicon Stroll Bootcamp event, with partners such as Google, Microsoft and Paypal. The companies will compete to be the most “investable” start-up in Europe and also for a cash prize.

Silicon Stroll Bootcamp's promotional flyer

The company has developed an innovative face detection software, to help brands convert shoppers into clients. They provide visitors’ profile and behavior, and adapt the existing advertising, anonymously and in real-time.

“These are solutions with a global potential. That’s why, at this point, we are looking for a partner to help us during this investment phase” stated the company’s CEO, Miguel Peixoto.

Besides Inside Visions, another Portuguese company was selected – Ignidata, from Lisbon. They will find other tech start-ups from countries like Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Inside Visions


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